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If you are happy with the overall structure of your garden, but a section needs a makeover or you simply want a new look, we can provide you with a list of plants that meet your aesthetic, budget, and suit your climate and the orientation of your garden. 


We’ll visit and once we’ve had a chat to understand what you want (and what your garden needs!), we’ll deliver a plan for planting and taking care of your new plants .


Of course, we can also buy the plants and do the planting. It’s up to you how much, or little, you want to do.

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"Clare and Colan, can I just say how much I love what you have done with my garden so far...I absolutely love it! I stood out there this evening watering with joy in my heart. Thanks so much!" Angela



If you have a blank landscape or want a complete garden overhaul, we will create the garden of your dreams.

We’ll start with an initial consultation to understand you and your garden.

Then we’ll deliver a garden design with a list of plants (including descriptions) and visual references for both the soft and hard landscaping. This includes a follow-up consultation to explain the plan and discuss ongoing care.

Once approved, we will cost the design and provide a quote for implementation if you wish to go ahead.




All gardens need some love and care. And most people don’t have the time. We’ll prune, we’ll weed, we’ll mulch, we’ll fertilise. Once a season, once a month, once a fortnight or even once a week, we’ll visit and take care of your garden so that it looks fabulous all year.



Would you like your garden to look stunning for a special event? Whether you are selling your house, or saying “I do”, or singing “Happy Birthday”, we can get your garden looking like it belongs in the pages of a glossy magazine.



If you’d like to plant your own garden but are not sure where to start, no matter where you are in the world we can send you a planting scheme and maintenance plan tailored to your specifications. 

Download and fill out this form and we’ll get back to you with a quick quote. 

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